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Jimmy hands foldedAhmed’s Custom Clothier’s has been offering custom made bespoke tailoring since 1978. We know that it is all in the fit and the details and no “off the shelf” clothing can offer the personalized range of style detail, contouring, and craftsmanship offered from our experienced and local team of clothing professionals. We use only the finest fabrics and sewing patterns to ensure every product that leaves our store is of the highest quality and best fit.

Ahmed’s Custom Clothier’s offers extensive wardrobe ideas for both men and women with the knowledge of the latest styles, textures and colors to make your personal style exude confidence. Whether you are requesting a custom suit, coat, dress, or any type of formal wear, you will leave in style.  Let your clothes speak for you and let that confidence guide you to achieve success in your every endeavor.

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When people ask what the difference is between made-to-measure tailoring and bespoke tailoring, I say it’s like comparing a jaguar with a bentley. Both are amazing quality cars, but one is primarily made by machine and the other by hand….Toby Luper Master Tailor

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